Grand Opening Ceremony

Panache Invitation

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PANACHE - Designer Classics 

A Collection of Designer Costume Jewelry and Accessories

History: The house of Panache has always been a bridge builder across styles, continents and generations. Gopala Krishna Rao began his journey in the world of capital jewellery, in the heart of goldsmiths’ quarter in the year 1951.

His love for precious, opulent & beautiful objects originates . . .

. . . from his birth place a coastal beauty Kundapur

The house of Panache stands out with its style combining the rigorous precision and know- how of the West and with the warm curves and magical imagination of the East.

The family firm built its name on creativity and an innovative spirit that ignores limits. It enjoys an International reputation for setting trends rather than following fashion; its sole guiding is the dedication to beauty at the service of women.